Unleash the power of search-optimized content to increase targeted SEO traffic to your brand.

We take the guesswork out of content strategy and production to help startups, eCommerce, and FBA brands rank at the top of Google for relevant, customer-focused keywords.


“Curt’s a badass at delivering SEO content that works.”

“He completely revamped our content process, from keyword research and our content pipeline to finding and hiring the best writers in our space.

He found a technical issue right away that immediately brought more traffic, then delivered content that ranks for our important keywords.

It’s still early days, but we’re already getting 20x more search traffic than we were before.”

– Dan Thompson, eCommerce Brand Owner

Why Invest In Floor 500 SEO?

  • More traffic = more leads = more sales
  • Build brand authority and thought leadership in your space
  • Boost paid traffic success by increasing volume to your retargeting pixels
  • Expert content strategy and creation means hands-off growth

Who We Can Help Drive Traffic

  • eCommerce, SAAS, or information brands with profitable funnels
  • Brands that want to drive targeted traffic to a blog to collect leads, make sales, and increase your authority in your industry.
  • Brands who understand that SEO-based content marketing requires investment and time

We make sure your site is optimized, craft a content strategy, build an editorial calendar, hire amazing industry-experienced writers, and publish quality content that targets your ideal customers and ranks in Google.

What Other People Say About Us

“Having worked in the professional SEO realm for 5+ years I’ve come across many big players in the space and needless to say, Curt is one of them. The content calendar and strategy he created for my website showed exceptional knowledge in keyword research and user intent behind said keywords. He was able to show me the “quick wins” for my site while also providing a long-term strategy to ensure growth.”

– Alex Horsman, SEO and Brand Builder

“Without Curt, I would not be able to rank in such a competitive space. Do yourself a favor and hire him NOW.”

– Steven Young, Photographer and Brand Builder

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